My HVAC Filter is Quickly Getting Dirty

If you care about inhaling clean air and you own an HVAC system, it is vital that you keep HVAC filters clean and in proper working order. Filters are always out of sight, and so it is no wonder why so many people push screens from their mind. When purchasing filters, it is common that the filters print an approximate life expectancy. Checking your filters prior to the expiration date will help keep your air clean because in some cases HVAC filters get dirty more quickly than expected.

Some of the most common reasons a filter gets dirty quickly are:

  1. Pet hair and dander: these particles get caught in filters and air ducts.
  2. Fan left in on position: when a fan is on, air is passing through the filter, which will make the filter dirty more quickly than when the fan was on auto. The automatic feature tells the fan to spin only when the system is cooling or heating.
  3. Fluctuating and extreme temperatures: during the summer, it is not uncommon for the days to be hot and the nights to be cool. The machine will have to work continually to maintain comfortable temperatures. If the heat or cold is consistently extreme, the system will also run.
  4. Dirty and dusty homes: the main culprit of dirty filters is dust and dirt particles. Through maintaining a thorough cleaning schedule, your HVAC air filter will have a longer life.

If you need help with your HVAC in Staten Island or in Brooklyn, please give us a call for help. We can thoroughly clean filters and ducts to ensure that you are only breathing clean air from your HVAC system. For the best HVAC service Brooklyn has to offer, give us a call.

HVAC Systems and Pet Owners

Owning a pet is both a rewarding and challenging experience. For many people, pets become part of the family, and as such pet owners tend to do a lot for their pets. Humans are responsible for grooming, giving attention, buying toys and food, and more. Taking a dog for a walk because it needs to relieve itself or taking a cat to a vet is easy to remember because there are clear signs that a pet owner must act. A common problem that is unseen is pet fur and dander getting caught in HVAC system ducts and filters. Although you think you cleaned all the hair off the couch, there is still a high likelihood that the particles are being scattered around your home and being sucked up by the HVAC system. If you own one or more pets that are prone to shedding, you should make special considerations and adjustments to your lifestyle and how you use your HVAC system. You should:

  1. Inspect and replace filters when needed. Filters will have a life expectancy, but as a result of excess fur and dander, the filter will clog more quickly.
  2. Clean your home regularly to avoid getting hair and dander in your HVAC system. Of course, it is impossible to prevent all particles from entering the system, but you can substantially limit that amount.
  3. Have periodic duct cleaning performed by a professional HVAC repair company in Brooklyn or Staten Island. Over extended periods of time particles will accumulate in ducts, which can lead to clogs in the system.

For more information about protecting and fixing your HVAC system, give us a call today. We are known for our HVAC work and repair in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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