Many home and business owners benefit from ductless mini-split systems, but that does not mean that the machine does not have its issues. A mini-split system is no different from any other home appliance, in that with time and use they will break down. In many instances, air conditioning repair can help save your system while keeping yourself comfortable. Standard mini-split issues include:

  1. Water leaking near air handlers can cause major damage. If the condensate line (which removes excess moisture from air handler) is leaking, it will cause water to pool behind the unit. This will damage the system and the wall.
  2. Repairing leaking refrigerant lines is a routine for us. Ductless mini-split owners will find that their systems are more prone to leakage of this sort. Professional air conditioning repair on Staten Island is the only way to fix the problem and save your system.

Air conditioning repair on Staten Island is not always the answer, and so sometimes it is more appropriate to purchase a new air handler. Considering that the air handler is attached to the air conditioner through hoses, you do not have to replace the whole system when an air handler breaks.

If you have more questions about preventative maintenance or air conditioning repair on Staten Island, give us a call today!

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