All furnaces will break down over time. Most modern day furnaces are built with the expectation that they will run from thirteen to twenty years. The life expectancy of a furnace is mainly affected by two main factors: the amount of use and the amount/degree of maintenance.  Users must learn the basics of how to use a system as a means to lessen stress and to keep the machine running optimally. The most common problems affecting furnaces are:

  1. Unchanged and dirty filters
  2. No or inadequate maintenance
  3. Malfunctioning or broken thermostat
  4. Furnace no longer heats up
  5. Furnace does not get as hot
  6. Electrical ignition problems

Learning how to maintain and repair a furnace can be time-consuming and challenging. Without the proper tools and knowledge, problems can be made worse. We provide furnace repair throughout Staten Island and Brooklyn. As soon as you notice minor problems in your system, give us a call to investigate the problem.

We also can help with monthly or annual furnace maintenance. During maintenance, we will:

  • Check circuit breakers and power supplies
  • Change Filters
  • Test ignition controls and pilot light
  • Check for normal wear and tear
  • Test thermostat
  • Test electronics of system
  • And more

Our furnace repair Staten Island and in Brooklyn can help to keep your system running optimally for an extended period. If you handle your system right, it will work well and have a long life.

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