There are a couple of different things you can guarantee to experience in the summer: sunny days, warm temperatures, beach vacations, barbeques, and cool, air-conditioned rooms. Most places that experience warm summer temperatures use air conditioners to regulate climates so they are not too hot. In places such as Staten Island, NY, most home and business owners will use their air conditioners throughout the duration of the summer. We recommend that all air conditioning Staten Island units receive the proper care and maintenance they need in order to smoothly run.

It is important to check your air conditioner’s air filter before, during, and after the summer time. A dirty air filter causes serious health problems for humans and mechanical issues for machines. The filter has the ability to stop the air conditioner from functioning entirely. If the air filter is dirty, it can pump hazardous material into the air that you breathe and will cause upper respiratory problems.

Provide your system with regular maintenance to ensure that it runs properly and efficiently during the course of the summer. We can help keep you machine running clean. Schedule an appointment with us today before your system breaks down. Annual air condition inspections, cleanings, and maintenance are highly beneficial to the system and the cleanliness of a home.

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